Friday, June 27, 2008

More Improvement!

Here's our latest Tummy Time photos. If you compare these to the ones taken a few days ago, you'll notice that she's making some improvement. Today she looked all around and almost seemed to enjoy it! Pretty soon she's going to be rolling over, but I'm not rushing her. I know that the days where she'll stay exactly where I put her will be gone soon- another sign she's growing up! It's crazy how each new thing is so exciting but a little bittersweet at the same time. Every new day is so amazing but you hate to see it end. Take your time, Savi Girl!

Reading with Daddy

The other day Cole and Savannah laid on the flood together and read a Dr. Seuss book. She looked at each picture while he read. He had her full attention. Even me and the flashing camera didn't distract her. It was so sweet that I thought I'd share my photos.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tummy Time Update

Ok, so we have been working more on Savannah's tummy time and I think we are finally seeing some improvement! Nothing remarkable, but we'll take what we can get. She is getting her head off the floor a bit more and looking around a little. She's been moving her body more too and kinda twisting her body while she's on her back- pretty good for her! Here's some photos of our improvement.

But she still hates it!!

Random Photos

So, it's been over a week since I've posted. Cole had a birthday- his 26th! We didn't do much to celebrate yet. We just spent the morning enjoying our girl before he went to work. Hopefully we'll get to celebrate more this weekend. I was sick for a few days and Cole let me stay in bed most of the day. He had no problem taking care of Savannah without me (except feedings of course!). But that shouldn't surprise anyone. He's a great daddy (have I mentioned that before?). I could hear the two of them talking/cooing and laughing from the bed. He even gave her a bath by himself which was so sweet to listen to. One of my favorite sick days ever! Cole cleaned up the house and cooked for us and everything. Savannah and I are very blessed to have him! Other than that it's been a typical wonderful week with the sweetest baby ever, but here are some extra photos for those of you who check the blog daily.

I love these next two photos. While we were in Lexington, I went to get Savannah out of her pack-n-play after her nap and she was trying to get her hand out of her swaddle. She's gotten quite good at getting her arm out and once she started getting both arms out and wearing her swaddle like a towel wrapped around her after a shower, I decided it was time to stop swaddling. But this photo seems to have captured that "What? I'm not trying to escape?" look.And then she thought it was so funny! She's so clever!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Porth Cousin Photo Shoot!

It was so fun having all three cousins together for the first time! We were able to get them fed and happy long enough to get some great photos. Here's how they turned out:
Addie is so sweet kissing "BabyYapes" and "Bana's" feet.

Quality Time with Mimi!

It was such a gift to get to see Savannah with her grandmother this weekend! They had lots of opportunities to spend time together. After her bath, Savannah got spoiled with her first hair drying!

They also layed on the bed and talked and laughed together. It was so precious to see them together. Savannah has been blessed with some of the most wonderful grandparents!
Before we left, Savannah got to take a nice cozy nap in her Mimi's arms, too! They really got a chance to fall in love with each other even more this weekend. We need to get together with them more often! It was too much fun not to do it again soon!

Savannah's a Big Cousin!

We finally got to meet baby Yeats this weekend! He is such a cutie and Valerie is doing so well being the mommy of TWO little ones! He is now three weeks old and has the prettiest complexion! He looks just like his daddy and is already putting Savannah to shame with him night time sleep schedule! We also got to spend some more time with Addie, Savannah's biggest cousin. She is absolutely adorable! Beautiful with so much personality! I wish I had a video of her dancing at Jonathan and Whitney's wedding this weekend (which was gorgeous, by the way). She was the first one on the dance floor and drew quite a crowd! She loves to dance as much as her Uncle Cole! And she was so sweet with Savannah! She let Savannah take a nap in her crib and after she woke up, we put Addie in the crib with her. She was so gentle and gave her kisses on her forehead and when she started to cry a little, Addie put her pacie in her mouth for her. So sweet!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Go Big Brown!!!

We have had so much fun watching the UPS horse do so well this year! We were all ready to see Big Brown win the Triple Crown on Saturday. Cole brought home UPS buttons for us all to wear and we all got dressed in brown. We couldn't believe how the race ended! We kept waiting for him to make his move and fly past everyone but it never happened. For those of you who didnt keep up the race for the triple crown, Big Brown won two of the three races and was trying to win the third race on Saturday. Sadly, Big Brown finished in last place, the only Triple Crown hopful to ever finish in last place. Even though the race was a disappointment, watching Savannah and her daddy was adorable! They looked so cute in their matching brown and Savannah watched her daddy the whole race. She is so crazy about him! PRECIOUS!

Daddy's Top Ten List

I enjoyed thinking of my favorite things about Savannah so much that we decided it would be fun for Cole to make a list too. We figured it would be a great way for us to look back and remember her at this age. So here's Cole's list:

10. Tummy time. She doesn't really like it, but she's so adorable not liking it!

9. The way she wakes up. She opens her hands up and wipes her face with the back of her hands. It kinda looks like her hands are beating her up and she can't do anything about it!

8. Carrying her with her face looking over my shoulder. She's so tiny and seems to feel so safe in my arms. I love that!

7. Her toots! They are so sweet and always come at the best times, like right after someone says, "isn't she an angel?"... TOOT! They make me laugh so hard. Such a sweet little girl making such a BIG sound!

6. Her hair (the cowlick!). I love that she has so much hair- what a surprise!

5. Sleeping with her in bed. I love to pull her as close as I can. It's such a great opportunity to snuggle with her, kiss her on the head, smell her, and pray over her. Even though I shouldn't sleep with her in bed, it's a time I cherish!

4. Talking to her and her talking back. I love it when I coo to her and she coos back. I could be sitting across the room and coo to her and immediately she starts looking around for me and cooing. It warms my heart.

3. The fact that she's a great baby! She's not fussy. If she cries, she only cries for a second. She eats well, she goes to sleep well, she is such a blessing!

2. Her laugh! She gets so excited and just bursts with these sweet little laughs that just melt me!

1. Her smile!! It is the most wonderful thing in the world! I love it when she recognizes me and smiles. She has the most beautiful smile in the world.

A random list of more of Cole's favorite things:

*The way she grabs her ears

*Her cute little sneezes

*Bath time

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Few Random Photos

I have a few more pictures I want to share. All kind of random, but thought some of you may want to see them (especially you grandparents!)

Top Ten List

Ok, I'm going to copy Joelle and make a top ten list of the things I love about my baby. It'll be hard to narrow it down and I'm sure it will change each day, but here goes...

10. Dreaming of what she'll be like as she grows up. Not that I'm wishing any of it to happen soon, but I do look forward to her giving us hugs and creeping out of bed at night to be with us and playing in the sprinklers, and the list goes on and on...

9. Watching her try to get through tummy time. She's not a big fan and isn't too good at it yet. She mostly just lays on her face. She lifts her head as best she can, but we still need lots of practice. Cole and I get a kick out of watching her try though!

8. Watching her play with her "kicky bear" toy. She is getting really good at kicking to make the bear's nose light up and has just started using her hands to bat the hanging toys. Today she spent a long time just staring at her hands as she hit the bugs repeatedly. It's so amazing watching her figure things out!

7. Her cry. I agree with you, Joelle, I know I shouldn't like the sound of her cry and it can be painful to listen to at times, but it can also be hilarious! She kind of yells when she crys. Just kinda trying to say "I'm not happy, guys!", but not like she's really upset.

6. Cuddling with her in bed in the morning. I know I shouldn't be sleeping with her, but when she wakes up an hour early, I figure one hour won't hurt! She cuddles so close and when it's time to actually get up, she can be as hard to get out of bed as her daddy!

5. Getting her out of her crib. Sometimes she lays in bed and talks after she wakes up and sometimes she cries and fusses, but when we walk into the room and look into her crib her face lights up when she sees us. This is a new thing for her. It's so fun to see her recognize us and be happy to see us.

4. The way she moves her little hands. It's adorable. When I feed her, she twils my hair around her fingers, grabs on to my shirt, plays with her own hair, or pinches her cheeks. Her hands are always busy. I love the way she moves them!

3. Her smile. You've seen the photos- what's not to love!

2. Her cooing. It kind of sounds more like a "hoo" than a coo and it's kind of a low pitch. I always do it too high pitched, but Cole always gets it just right! I try and try to make her talk back by "hooing" at her, and when Cole comes over and "hoos" once she beams and starts talking up a storm. Very sweet!

1. The sound of her laugh! It's the best sound in the world and is coming more and more frequently. Just the thought of it is making me smile!


I love giving Savannah her bath. She really loves the water and seems so relaxed in the tub. Tonight I gave her a bath and she looked so cute and smiley I couldn't help but take pictures. I thought I'd share just a few (of the dozens I took) with you all.

She's All Smiles!

I am loving this age! Savannah just keeps getting better and better! What a precious gift she is! Every day she seems more smiley and has even started laughing every once in a while. I look forward to hearing that sound more and more! I could just stare at her all day. Cole is still the best at getting her to smile. She grins just hearing his voice and the two of them can carry on conversations just by cooing (or "hoo"ing). It's adorable. I had to share some pictures of the smile that lights up our world every day!