Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Girl Bed Round 2

Savannah transitioned from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on a mattress on the floor in her room SO smoothly that I was nervous we wouldn't be so lucky going through it with Hailey.  Savannah took about 45 minutes of telling her to "get back in bed" before she finally fell asleep the first night, about 10 minutes the second night, and then she had it down!  Easy!  Well, I finally decided to just do it tonight with Hailey since she is now the same age Savi was.  We moved the mattress into her room so I wouldn't back out and then at nap time she was so excited to sleep in her big girl bed, that I gave in.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, because I had always planning on starting with night time- it's just easier in the dark when they're nice and tired.  Well I was shocked when Hailey talked in bed for about 10 minutes and then fell right to sleep without getting out of bed once!  I couldn't believe it!  And I just put her down for bed and it was even easier!  She laid right down, snuggled up, I tucked her in like a big girl, gave her a kiss, said "goodnight", and she said "goodnight!" and then fell right to sleep!  I guess sleeping in a pack-n-play until you're 10 months old helps you learn to fall asleep under less than perfect circumstances.  I know there will be a day when she realizes that she can actually climb right of bed, but I'm happy it wasn't today.  Today I'm feeling pretty proud of my little 21 month old!!

It's a Girl!

Not big news to most of you, I know, but I figured I should officially post that we are having another girl!  We found out at 16 weeks at a place called "Vision of Life".  After a 30 minute ultrasound in a large comfy room with Cole, the girls, my mom, and my sister we walked out knowing that our third little girl was on her way!  What a great experience.  I would recommend it to anyone.  And I could not be more excited about the thought of life with three daughters!  Oh the precious memories and dramatic tears that lie ahead!  Though I walked out with lots of photos and a whole DVD of images of our sweet little girl, I have no scanner to get them on the blog for you to see.  I guess we'll all just have to wait a few more months to see what she looks like!