Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jammie Pictures

She's four in the photo below :)

Love that smile!
Jenn, Kate, and Graham came for a visit a few weeks ago. The girls had a lot of fun together and still remember each other well. Must be all those prayers their mommies have been praying that they be best buddies forever!
My favorite little face in this world!!

Halloween 2009

After welcoming baby Kru into the world, we came home to take Lyla, Pressley, and Savannah trick-or-treating for the first time. They were dressed as the three little pigs and we too cute!

My mom and I were ready to skip trick or treating after a day at the hospital, but PaPa was set on taking his girls out, so out we went. The girls LOVED it! They walked very slowly because they were so busy taking it all in. They gave a great attempt at saying "trick or treat" at each house and were so polite saying "thank you". It was a really fun night. So glad PaPa talked us into it!
I wish I got a better picture of their cute little curly tails! Below is Papa with Savannah and Pressley- Lyla was stuck back with Aunt LoLo taking pictures.
And the best part of the night? The candy! I don't think they realized you could open it up and eat it, thankfully, but they sure had fun rolling around in it, throwing it in the air, and taking it in and out of their buckets- especially Pressley! She wasn't sure what it was, but she knew she LOVED it!!

Introducing Kru William Turner!

Isn't he gorgeous?! And what a sweetie! I drove down to Greenville on Friday, October 30 so that I could be in town for Joelle's C-section scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd. We ate dinner over at Joelle and David's house on Friday night and then Savannah and I spend the night with my parents. We had planned to get the girl's together for Halloween festivities on Saturday evening, but got a call from Joelle Saturday morning saying she needed to go in for an exam to check on things, just in case, so my parents and I headed over to her house with Savannah to keep the twins in our pajamas, not expecting to get a call soon after saying they were doing the C-section in an hour! We ran all over the place getting ready and God provided 2 sweet babysitters for the 3 girls so we could all head to the hospital for the birth.

Kru was born on October 31st, weighing 10lb. 14 oz. A big healthy guy and absolutely precious! He's such a good baby and his sisters are loving having a little brother. I can't wait to see him again for Christmas!

Halloween Playgroup

I know I'm behind, but I wanted to do a quick catch-up. We had a great time with a bunch of Savannah's little friends for a playgroup. All of the kids dressed up in their costumes and looked absolutely adorable! Just wanted to share a few pictures (though they're 2 months old now!).

This is the best shot I could get of all of them (minus sweet little Marjorie). They were obviously bribed with lollipops, but aren't they adorable?