Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Halloween Lion

Savannah dressed up like a lion for her first Halloween. We tried to get some good pictures of her in her costume, but it was no easy task. It was getting late and she was tired of being photographed (Jenn and I took these the same day we did the ballerina photos). We were struggling to get a smile out of her at first, but then it got worse...and after the crying started, the arms went up and she fell over backwards into the flowers...but it made the crying stop :) The only smile we could get was when she was up in the air, so here's our smiling lion...I'll take it!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"The Face"

A while ago, Savannah started making a face where she'd wrinkle up her nose and show her upper gums and breath in and out really fast. Cole and I loved it and got such a kick out of it! She did it all the time... and then it stopped. Like most things she learns, we see it for a few days straight and then she takes a break from it for a few weeks. I tried to find some pictures of her making the face to post so we'd remember it, but it was really hard to catch on film and most of the photos ended up looking nothing like what we were seeing in person. But today I was looking through her photos from the last month and found a video that Cole took while we were in Lexington and he totally caught "the face" on film! Since it's been a few weeks since I've gotten to see the face myself, seeing this video made me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you all. If you listen closely, you can even hear her snort a little bit :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pretty Ballerinas

The other day, Jenn came over with Kate to take some pictures of the girls in tutus that she had made. She did such a great job on the tutus and I was so pleased with the pictures! There are so many I love of each of the girls. It was very hard to pick just a few to post of Savannah and I figured I'd let Jenn show off the one's of Kate!

Monday, October 20, 2008


We took Savannah to Hillridge Farm for her first trip to a pumpkin patch. We had such a good time getting out an enjoying the weather. Savannah was so fascinated by the pumpkins and overwhelmed by all the people that we didn't get any great smiles out of her (skipping a nap never helps either!). But she was quite a little tropper and seemed to be really taking it all in.We took her on her first hayride. She sat on her daddy's lap while drove through the woods to the pumpkin patch. I love her little hands! It was so sweet the way she so gently rested her hand on Cole's knee (of course we had to get a picture!).

And here's our shot of Savannah right before her hand slipped and she bumped her face on the stem of the pumpkin. I guess her mommy didn't do a very good job spotting her! She had a little scrap on her upper lip from it, but only let out a tiny whimper. She must have known how bad it would have made me feel if she really started crying!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long Weekend in Lexington

Cole was able to get a couple days off work so that we could spend some extra time with Mimi, Granddaddy, Toby, Valerie, Addie, and Yeats. We had a great weekend! We arrived in town just in time for Addie's 2nd birthday party. She looked so adorable and really had a great time! Here's Cole and our handsome "little" nephew Yeats.Addie loved riding the zebras! I can't believe she's old enough to ride these rides by herself! Two years flew by too fast!
Here's Addie riding the Ferris Wheel. The look on her face was priceless- pure terror! But she made she to let go of the chain long enough to cheer for her brave little self a few times.Savannah even got to ride one of the rides with her Daddy. This little seat they are in spun around like a merry-go-round a few times. Both of them were very brave.After the party we went back and enjoyed some time with Cole's parents and went to church with them Sunday morning. They are members of such a warm, welcoming church. We were so glad we got to visit. On Monday we went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. The gorilla was definitely one of the most fun animals to see. The girls were fascinated.
This is one of my new favorite pictures. Look how at the amazement on her face in the reflection- I love it!Addie told us all about the merry-g0-round. She couldn't wait to ride the zebra.
Another one of my favorite photos of the day is the one below. The highlight of her trip was riding this zebra.The best part of the trip was getting to see everyone. Savannah LOVED playing with her cousins! Every time they looked at her it made her giggle. We need to get them together more often!I love the look on Yeats' face.Little cuties hanging out in their jammies. Aren't they gorgeous?!And two more I couldn't leave off. Beautiful Addie...and Napoleon Dynamite...

Sweet Potatoes

So, we've started Savannah on sweet potatoes and then butternut squash. We took a video of her reaction to the first taste of sweet potato, but there was no reaction at all, so I'm not going to post it. She liked it, but she's liked everything she's tasted so far. Instead we've got lots of fun photos. Here's Savannah trying to wait as patiently as possible for her food while we take pictures. The poor girl is not very good at waiting, but you can tell she was trying her best. She's all ready for her first bite! Now that's better! Definitely not the neatest eater. Wait, I think there might be a little left in the bowl.

Yeah, I think she liked it.