Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hailey at 15 months

 Hailey is a sweet, snuggly, STRONG WILLED, love-bug!  She holds her own against her big sister and never has a problem letting everyone know exactly what she wants!  She can say, "Daddy", "Mama", "please", "juice", "GaGa", "PaPa", "ball", "baby", "Kru", "Lyla", and has started attempted words when we tell her to say something and is getting pretty good at it!
Hailey just started walking!  She has taken her time and is very cautious.  She went from taking one step and then diving into my arms to walking across the back yard, just like that!  No in between!  She still walks very slowly and carefully, but she can walk any distance!  She loves to climb, especially stairs, so we've had to be very attentive to this little one.  She makes GREAT silly faces and loves to wrestle with her sister!  She is always the first to hear the garage door go up when her daddy comes home and always stops what she's doing and yells "Daddy!!"  Her favorite thing is being outdoors, especially swinging in her swing.  She is quite a girl!!

Savannah at 3 years and 1 month

 Savannah is the most fun little girl!  She talks up a storm and says the funniest things!  She can say the whole pledge of alligance like a pro and is learning John 3:16.  She is a huge help around the house and loves to take care of her sister, bringing her snacks from the pantry and drinks from the fridge.  She likes to do everything on her own and is quite good at taking care of herself!  She fills our home with joy!
A few quick stories to make you smile...
*Savannah asked me the other night if we could read the Dr. Seuss book "There's a Wocket in My Pocket", but she called it "There's Somebody in My Pants".  She was close!  And she sure made me laugh!
*We are preparing for a yard sale this weekend and have been gathering toys and stuffed animals to "give to other kids" (to encourage her to let go of some stuff) in a big box.  Savannah came to me dragging the box of stuffed animals yesterday and said, "I want to give Hailey to the other kids!"  She really does love her sister, I promise!