Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Few New Photos of Our Family

I know I've been horrible with the blog lately, so here are a few recent pictures. In the last 2 months Cole has gotten a new job at Michelin, we have moved from Franklinton, NC to Greenville, SC. We have sold Cole's mustang and bought my brother's Rodeo. Lots and lots of changes!
As far as the girls go, Savannah is just as hilarious as ever. She is learning to spell her name and so far can say that you spell "Savi" S-V-I. She forgets the A still. Sometimes she even says you spell it S-V-I-Love-You. So sweet! Love her!
Hailey is finally sleeping in a sleep sack instead of a swaddle. Long overdue, I know, but I'm proud just the same! She is sitting up and gets in crawling position on all fours, but still no crawling. Last time I posted that she wasn't making consonant sounds and the next day she started, so maybe tomorrow we'll see her crawl!
We are still living with my parents waiting to sell one home and buy another. Just a quick update, but I wanted to share these new photos!