Friday, March 20, 2009

We're Ready for Spring!!

Just a couple pictures from the few gorgeous spring-like days we've had. I love being able to get outside with Savannah and enjoy the weather for the first time really since she's been born. She was so little last summer, we couldn't really get out and play in the sun. But this year, we're ready for it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Hair Cut!

So on February 25, we decided to give the hair cut thing another try and this time were successful. Sav did so well and sat nice and still. She was easily distracted by Cole and me waving different Sesame Street characters in the direction she was supposed to be looking. I really like the cut- we just had them trim up the back to tidy up the ends so it will grow in evenly now. Here she is all ready for the cut to begin...Sitting so still during the haircut...And here are her "after" shots...

Birthday Lunch

For my birthday this year, we were going to take Savannah to get her first haircut! ...but we got there and apparently the kid's hair place is closed on Mondays. We were so disappointed, but we headed out to lunch before Cole had to leave for work instead and had a great time. I had to share these pictures because it shows that Savannah is both mine and Cole's child. The above picture show's "mommy's girl" and below you'll see "daddy's girl"...Savannah has also been practicing with a fork lately and doing really well! She has a hard time getting the food onto the fork (but occasionally gets lucky) but is doing really well getting it from the fork to her mouth. Here are some photos of her practicing... (and usually it's a baby fork, I promise!)The one above is fork wrestling with daddy, not so much practicing her table manners. And below are a couple of our silly Savi that I couldn't leave out :)