Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's New With the Girls?

Savannah has been so much fun since the day she was born! Her vocabulary is pretty much as good as mine now. She is constantly picking up and repeating new words and phrases.

"Alligator Scared": A thunder storm woke her up from a nap one day and when I went in to get her she was crying saying "alligator scared". She must have thought the thunder sounded like an alligator. Now whenever it rains she says "alligator scared". Sometimes she says it when she's just sad or scared and there's no thunder around. I love it.

"It's my do it": This we hear ALL THE TIME! She is in the stage where she wants to do everything on her own. She went and got her own pajamas and underwear the other night and got herself ready for bed. She pushed a chair up to the counter the other day, got a banana, peeled it herself, and went and sat down and ate it all while I was taking a shower the other morning. She thinks she can do it all!
"Be happy!": She tells us this a lot when we get hurt (usually after she's accidentally kicked us in the nose or something!). She also takes great care of her sister by bringing her toys, covering her with blankets, and kissing her head.

"Two mits": This is her stall tactic at bedtime. We say, "it's time for bed", and she puts up her two fingers and says, "two mits!" asking us to let her stay up for just two more minutes (which usually turns into 30!)

Our little Hailey is as sweet as ever. She has taken her time trying new things. She rolls around now, but really didn't start doing it regularly until she was about 6 months old (she did it a few times at 4 months and then not again for weeks). She's still not sitting up, but getting closer. Her favorite thing right now is her johnny jumper and her sister. She has gotten to an age where she thinks Savannah is funny.

This morning I was listening to her on the monitor when she was waking up and she started making elephant noises. She did this for quite a while before I finally went up to get her. She isn't making any consonant sounds yet, but is a quiet smiley little thing!

Friday, August 20, 2010

4th of July "Moom" Jumping

We were in Greenville for the 4th of July and went to a Michelin company picnic with my parents. When we pulled into the parking lot, Savannah saw the big bungie cord jumping thing (whatever it's called) and started saying "jump to the moom!" She had seen them before at malls and has wanted to do it, but Cole and I just figured she was too small. We asked and they said if she was 30 lbs. (which she is) she could, so we got in line, sure she would chicken out before it was her turn, but she didn't. She walked right up to the man, listened to his instructions, stood still while the man harnessed her in and then the man pulled her down by the ankle and let her go! She went way up in the air and laughed the whole time! She loved it! I could not believe she wasn't even the slightest bit scared. She had a blast and when she was done she ran over to me and I said "did you jump to the moom?!" and she answered "where's my juice?". Guess it wasn't as big a deal to her and it was to me!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to the Beach

We were able to go back to Myrtle Beach for a second week this summer... amazing! We had such a great time enjoying each other. I've got a lot of catching up to do on the blog, but here are some photos for those of you who have requested them (so thankful to have friends and family who love us!).