Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Actual Birthday

We had a day packed full of fun for Savannah's birthday.  She woke up and got to go to breakfast with GaGa and Papa all by herself.  She was so excited!  I didn't get a picture of her with them, but here she is dressed in her "sunshine" outfit that she picked out for the day.  She's reaching for her postcard from her Aunt Kiki and Uncle Brenty.
 After breakfast GaGa and PaPa took her to buy the new movie Tangled and then dropped her off at home just in time for her MiMi and PaPa to arrive with Addie from Lexington.  This made her day so special to get to see all of the people she loves! 
 Mimi and Papa took us all to Giggle Bugs (Savi's favorite) for playtime with Addie, pizza, cake and presents!  Daddy even got to stop by for lunch!
 Addie was so much fun and her cousin Hailey just adores her!!

 After a short nap in the car, Savannah and I met Joelle, Lyla, Pressley, and Jessica at Panera for her favorite dinner... mac and cheese!  We had a nice dinner and then took the girls to pick out their favorite nail polish color at Ulta where they even got mini makeovers (eyeshadow and lipgloss).    Then we headed home for a nail painting party while we watched Tangled.  Sheila and Eliza even joined us for the fun!!

What a fun day!  But let's take our time growing up!  These past 3 years have gone by WAY too fast!!!

Savannah is 3!!!

We had a small birthday party with the Kruithof bunch before my parents headed to Isreal.  Here are some pictures.
 We started out night at a pizza place with friends and family.  It was a small group, but lots of fun... very casual.  Then we headed back to our house for cupcakes and presents.
 Our cupcakes from Iced.  Last year's cake didn't turn out too well, so I went for easy and delicious this year!  They were awesome!

 Our birthday girl!  3 candles!!

 Savi got a new robe from GaGa and PaPa.  So sweet and soft!  She loves it!
 Joelle and Dave got her the FurReal walking dog.  She SCREAMED when she opened it!  Awesome reaction!!

 I'm not sure what she's so excited about in the picture below, but I thought it was too cute not to share.