Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jammie Pictures

She's four in the photo below :)

Love that smile!
Jenn, Kate, and Graham came for a visit a few weeks ago. The girls had a lot of fun together and still remember each other well. Must be all those prayers their mommies have been praying that they be best buddies forever!
My favorite little face in this world!!

Halloween 2009

After welcoming baby Kru into the world, we came home to take Lyla, Pressley, and Savannah trick-or-treating for the first time. They were dressed as the three little pigs and we too cute!

My mom and I were ready to skip trick or treating after a day at the hospital, but PaPa was set on taking his girls out, so out we went. The girls LOVED it! They walked very slowly because they were so busy taking it all in. They gave a great attempt at saying "trick or treat" at each house and were so polite saying "thank you". It was a really fun night. So glad PaPa talked us into it!
I wish I got a better picture of their cute little curly tails! Below is Papa with Savannah and Pressley- Lyla was stuck back with Aunt LoLo taking pictures.
And the best part of the night? The candy! I don't think they realized you could open it up and eat it, thankfully, but they sure had fun rolling around in it, throwing it in the air, and taking it in and out of their buckets- especially Pressley! She wasn't sure what it was, but she knew she LOVED it!!

Introducing Kru William Turner!

Isn't he gorgeous?! And what a sweetie! I drove down to Greenville on Friday, October 30 so that I could be in town for Joelle's C-section scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd. We ate dinner over at Joelle and David's house on Friday night and then Savannah and I spend the night with my parents. We had planned to get the girl's together for Halloween festivities on Saturday evening, but got a call from Joelle Saturday morning saying she needed to go in for an exam to check on things, just in case, so my parents and I headed over to her house with Savannah to keep the twins in our pajamas, not expecting to get a call soon after saying they were doing the C-section in an hour! We ran all over the place getting ready and God provided 2 sweet babysitters for the 3 girls so we could all head to the hospital for the birth.

Kru was born on October 31st, weighing 10lb. 14 oz. A big healthy guy and absolutely precious! He's such a good baby and his sisters are loving having a little brother. I can't wait to see him again for Christmas!

Halloween Playgroup

I know I'm behind, but I wanted to do a quick catch-up. We had a great time with a bunch of Savannah's little friends for a playgroup. All of the kids dressed up in their costumes and looked absolutely adorable! Just wanted to share a few pictures (though they're 2 months old now!).

This is the best shot I could get of all of them (minus sweet little Marjorie). They were obviously bribed with lollipops, but aren't they adorable?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shop Vac

Savannah discovered how much fun a shop vac can be. Cole and I laughed for hours over this. She is the funniest little girl!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Visit From Meme and Papa

Cole's parents came for a visit and brought with them lots of goodies for Savannah! They babysat her for us for a night and entertained her during the days. She LOVED having them here. One of the gifts they brought her was a sleep mat. She loves to lay down on her mat with her "bunkie" over her and read books. Meme was so patient spending time on her back reading Savannah book after book. Great bonding time! She also got some great time in with her Papa. I love seeing Savannah with her grandparents. We can't wait to be with them again for Thanksgiving! And here's a random picture of Savannah coloring at her little table. She looks so big, doesn't she? I can't believe I have such a big girl- a 19 month old who looks like she's 3!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Cole and I spent a day at Hillridge farm enjoying all the fall festivities with Savannah and some friends. We had a great day enjoying pumpkins, hayrides, fair food, and beautiful fall weather! It's incredible how much Savannah has changed since our trip to Hillridge Farm last year. Our little family...

Riding on the hayride with Daddy...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apple Picking

This is a bit late, but I wanted to post these photos of the girls. Sav and I spent a week in Greenville visiting with my good friend Sue and her newborn Rilynn. We had such a great visit and even got to see Brent and Katie for a few days. We went apple picking before we left town and had a great time. Here are the photos...Papa- everyone's favorite guy!

They had little kid-sized houses for the kids to play in- very cute. Here's Sav saying "hello" :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Tumble Gym

We were so thankful to get a few days with the Lotts when they came back for a visit last month. While they were in town we took the kids to "The Tumble Gym" to play and the kids had a great time! Here are a few photos...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bike Helmet

Sav has loved riding in her bike seat on the back of Cole's bike lately. We have had so much fun with her, but we can't decide which she likes more- the bike or the "hat".

Friday, October 16, 2009

Need to Order Christmas Cards?

I just found out my very talented sister-in-law has opened an Etsy shop to sell her beautifully designed Christmas cards. I am always SO impressed with her stuff and highly recommend her to anyone! I'm so excited that she's doing an Etsy shop now so I can share her with all of you :) Take a look. She's a great person to work with, and (have I mentioned?) she does an AWESOME job! I'll definitely be ordering mine through her!! Take a look HERE.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Savannah brought me the camera today, handed it to me, and said "CHEEEESE!" I guess she thought she was looking extra cute. She had me take three pictures and (as you can see) gave me a big, LONG "CHEEEEEESE!" for each one. Thought they were worth sharing :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

20 Week Baby Bump

I finally got a photo of my baby bump. This was taken the day before I was officially 20 weeks... half way there!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Beach Baby

We spent two days (about 2 hours each day) out on the beach. We went in the evenings when it was cooler and it was perfect! Savannah loved playing in the sand and water and could have stayed there all day, I think. I was really surprised how much she enjoyed it. Cole built her an awesome little water hole for her to sit in. It was the perfect size for her to splash around in and I didn't have to worry about waves hitting her. We did take her out into the ocean, and she didn't seem to mind the waves at all, though. I can't believe this is the same girl who SCREAMED when her toes hit pool water at the beginning of the summer. She's really doing great. Here she is helping Cole build her "pool".Pretty impressive, don't you think? She was the envy of all the other babies on the beach! And this last photo is grey because my lense was fogged up when I took it, but I thought I'd include it in the post because, for one, I think she looks adorable in her little cover-up, and two, you can see that her baby also joined us on our beach trip. Can't leave home without a baby doll or two!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Little Thrill Seeker!

So, we decided to let Savannah ride the carousel at Broadway at the Beach since she liked it so much when we were in Greenville. She enjoyed it and wanted to ride it a few times, but soon decided it was too tame for her! She had her eye on the other rides. We let her ride this little race car ride with Cole, and even though it was pretty tame, it really whipped them around that little track. She handled it well and we decided it call it a night.The next day we went back and started slow with the carousel again. She wanted more excitement.This whale ride was still way too slow for her, but I was so nervous to let her do anything else.Next, I agreed to let her TRY the little boats that she had to ride in all by herself (NO DADDY!). I was nervous, but she walked right through the gate all by herself, walked about a quarter of the way around the ring of boats til she found the one she wanted, let the man lift her in and buckle her up, and then she did great! The man showed her how to ring the bell when he buckled her in and half way through she decided to give it a try. She LOVED it and I was so proud :)The ride she had her eyes on the whole time was a caterpillar ride that is a typical fair ride that goes REALLY fast around a circle and then goes backwards. I did not want her to ride it, but she INSISTED and kept running back to it asking "please!", so we gave in and I talked with the man running it and asked him to watch her and he promised that he's stop it if Cole gave him the sign or if she started screaming. I was so thankful Cole was going with her, but I didn't need to worry. Again, she had a great time and wasn't phased by it at all. Doesn't she look so tiny in that seat?From there we went for the little dune buggies. I started to relax about the rides and again she walked right in and chose the purple car and was ready to go. She did great until she decided she wanted to try out the back seat in the middle of the ride. She crawled out of her seat belt and was hurdling the seats when they had to stop the ride and get her off. Too brave for her own good!Look at her go! Definitely gets that from Daddy!