Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Kru William Turner!

Isn't he gorgeous?! And what a sweetie! I drove down to Greenville on Friday, October 30 so that I could be in town for Joelle's C-section scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd. We ate dinner over at Joelle and David's house on Friday night and then Savannah and I spend the night with my parents. We had planned to get the girl's together for Halloween festivities on Saturday evening, but got a call from Joelle Saturday morning saying she needed to go in for an exam to check on things, just in case, so my parents and I headed over to her house with Savannah to keep the twins in our pajamas, not expecting to get a call soon after saying they were doing the C-section in an hour! We ran all over the place getting ready and God provided 2 sweet babysitters for the 3 girls so we could all head to the hospital for the birth.

Kru was born on October 31st, weighing 10lb. 14 oz. A big healthy guy and absolutely precious! He's such a good baby and his sisters are loving having a little brother. I can't wait to see him again for Christmas!