Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Visit From Meme and Papa

Cole's parents came for a visit and brought with them lots of goodies for Savannah! They babysat her for us for a night and entertained her during the days. She LOVED having them here. One of the gifts they brought her was a sleep mat. She loves to lay down on her mat with her "bunkie" over her and read books. Meme was so patient spending time on her back reading Savannah book after book. Great bonding time! She also got some great time in with her Papa. I love seeing Savannah with her grandparents. We can't wait to be with them again for Thanksgiving! And here's a random picture of Savannah coloring at her little table. She looks so big, doesn't she? I can't believe I have such a big girl- a 19 month old who looks like she's 3!