Friday, May 22, 2009

Almost 14 Months Old!

I know! I can hardly believe it either. Instead of going on and on about how I can't believe my baby girl is growing up (and you know I can!) I'm going to tell you about all the new things she's doing. She will be 14 months old on the 29th of this month, just got her 8th tooth, and she has just started walking! She is getting more and more confident each day, but still prefers to crawl most of the time.Savannah can say "dada", "mama", "bye bye", "uh oh", "baby", "papa", "more", "turtle" (my current favorite!), "car", "Delta" (the neighbor's dog), "hello", "hi", and occasionally "night night".

As far as animal sounds go, she can say "moo", "baa", "cock-a-doodle-doo" (my fav), "woof woof", "meow" (or "ow"), "quack quack", and "roar". However, she's not great at matching up which animal says which sound. If you ask her, she'll usually tell you everything says "woof woof", but every once in a while we'll get another one right like the cow or the rooster.
She can sign "more", "please", and "thank you". She used to be great with "more" but has kind of traded it for "please" (which pretty much can be used interchangably anyways, so it's kinda tricky). We went shopping for a friend's birthday present at Target yesterday and as we walked down the toy aisle, Savannah made her sign for "please" and then pointed to a toy, made her sign for "please" and pointed to a different toy, over and over and over again. I even saw her on the video monitor today during her nap trying to reach the curtain and making the "please" sign. I guess she's thinking it's magical- make the sign and you get whatever you want! We'll be working on that!
Savannah loves to dance still and knows lots of the motions for her Wiggles DVD songs. I LOVE watching her sing along to the video as she does the hand motions or bops up and down (pretty much "jumps" up and down from a sitting position- it's pretty impressive!) She is the most amazing little person and I LOVE being her mommy! Ok, one more quick story... Today I was trying to get her to eat a spoonful of her lunch and all she wanted to eat was the biscuit she was holding, so I took the spoon and flew it around like a plane and said "vroom vrooooom" and then brought it to her mouth. She kept her mouth closed, looked at me, and then flew her biscuit threw the air, said "vroooom" and then took a bite! So clever! Can't trick her! I love this child!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Steps!

Savannah has taken her time learning to walk. So far, she just hasn't been confident enough to try it on her own. She can push her walking toys for miles (well, maybe not 'miles') and does great as long as she has a tight hold of someone's hand, but has been very hesitant to take that first step. Yesterday, Cole put her down and turned his back and I'm almost positive I saw her take 2 steps. And then today, we were all in her room playing with her and she was rocking in her little rocking chair and when Cole lied down with his knees up, she stood up and walked to his knees! It was only about 3 steps, but we were shocked! Since then, she's done it several more times. She definitely does it best if SHE's the one deciding to do it and we're not trying to make her. I was taking a video of her before bed tonight trying to capture some more of her fancy dance moves and was lucky enough to get some of those first steps on film! So, here it is. The beginning of a whole new world...
By the way, we usually don't let her stand this close to the TV!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Savannah has fallen in love with The Wiggles. Her cousins Lyla and Pressley told her about them and it was love at first sight! She does the motions to a lot of the songs and she knows each song that will play next on the DVD since she has it memorized. So she says "Ahh" when the Warner Brothers logo comes on because the first song starts that way and she starts to say "Day" before the song "Day-O" comes on. She always says "Day" at the right time too. So we started singing the song to her and she jumps in with "Day" at the appropriate time. The "Day" has changed to "Day-O" over the last few days and is kind of slurred together now and she says it in a deep voice. It always makes me laugh. I took a video of it tonight. Not the best version because she is trying to eat her green beans while I'm making her sing, but you get the idea. And please forgive my singing! It's crazy the things you do when you become a mom. I can't believe I'm posting my own singing on the internet!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cast is Off... of Savi

Savannah got her cast off on Thursday (April 23). She only had the hard cast on for about 2 1/2 weeks! We were so thankful to see her sweet little arm again. She was so still while they cut off the cast and then wiggled to get down on the ground and crawl. I'm still not sure she ever really noticed the cast was ever on. :) We have been busy lately! After Savi's appointment to get her cast off, we got in the car and drove right to Philadelphia for my cousin Joe's wedding. We had a great time, but I forgot my camera, so I have no photos to share :( But at the wedding, Cole tore the ligament in his thumb. Thankfully, 5 of my relatives at the wedding are orthopedic surgeons, so he got great care and medical advice within minutes of the injury. My cousin's husband even popped his dislocated thumb back in place right there at the reception. He has had to have surgery to mend the torn ligament. So, now Cole is the one in the cast. The surgery went well and he's now adjusting to only having the use of one hand for a few weeks. Because showers aren't as easy, he's taken a couple baths with Sav, which she has loved :) And here are a few photos of Savannah playing in the slide at Chick-fil-a while we waited on Cole to get out of surgery.

We have also been getting together with some friends about once a week to play and enjoy the nice weather. Here's a photo of Savannah and her buddy Kate at their friend Brody's house. Savannah started sound rattely when she breathed and within a few hours turned into a wheeze. By bedtime I was nervous and called the pediatrician afterhours and spoke with a nurse who told me to bring her into the hospital. So we spent about 4 hours in the ER on Monday night. She was given a few breathing treatments and had a chest x-ray (miserable!) and then we were sent home. Tuesday she woke up better, but sounded horrible again Tuesday night and I was so scared we'd be back in the ER. Thankfully, she slept ok, but woke up exhausted. She actually fell asleep on the couch about 5 minutes after I got her out of bed. This scared me more than anything, since she does not fall asleep easily! She took a great nap and then we went to the pediatrician that afternoon. We were assured that it takes a while to clear up and she should be fine. Since then we have seen great improvement! Thanks to Stephanie, Jana, and Jenn for checking on us while I had my nervous breakdown! I'm so thankful to have friends to ask for advice. And Mom and Joelle, you were lifesavers!! I trust she will continue to get better and better as the days go by. God is so good!