Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lyla (5 months)

I had to do a post for each of the girls individually because I had some great shots to share. I think Lyla could win the photo contest on her own with this picture (but the ones together are too perfect!) She was so fascinated with the grass and stayed out there way after the other two babies went inside. When we picked her up afterwards we realized why she was so content... there was a big wet spot under Lyla's area of the blanket!
We just sat and took pictures of her and she paid no attention to us, just the grass. After about a hundred pictures taken by her daddy and me she even started laughing while she played with the grass! It was adorable! She REALLY enjoyed the whole experience!
And I had to add this picture just because Lyla's face made me laugh out loud again. This is not Savannah's best picture, but it is pretty funny!


David Turner said...

these girls are all so beautiful. the pictures of Lyla and the grass are great. I laughed all over again thinking about how she seemed so amazed with the grass.

Susan Sene said...

So cute how fascinated she was!

katie said...

haha, very very cute! This may sound weird, but I just had breakfast with Abby, and I can see a little of John in that last picture of Lyla. It must be the face she was making!