Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photo Shop

So I have had a blast cropping and changing the saturation of different photos lately. It's amazing how zooming in on something and changing the color to black and white can make an ordinary picture really stand out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dr. Appointment Update

I never posted Savannah's stats from her 4 month visit. She weighed 15lb. 4oz. Everything looked good, but the doctors noticed a click in her left hip. The folds in her legs also didn't line up right. Apparently the little fat rolls are supposed to match on both legs. So made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor and went to meet with his PA (he was out on medical leave) this past Friday. The click is still there and they did an x-ray (she looked so cute getting her little x-ray done- Cole stood next to her and held her legs still. She did very well). The x-ray looked good, but they want to see us back on September 9th. They want to monitor it closely "just in case". So, I guess that's all good news. We'll keep you posted when we hear more.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Three Little Beauties

This photo shoot turned out a little better. I love this picture! What pretty babies!

Group Shots are Getting Harder!

So when the girls were all together again this weekend we tried to get another shot of Papa and his granddaughters. This picture pretty much sums up how it went... Does Savannah look a little stressed? Lyla has a chunk of Savannah's hair in her little fist...
This was the best we could do. Papa looks happy! The twins look a little worn out. And Savannah looks like she just survived an attack.

Pressley (5 months)

Pressley has already gotten her first TWO teeth! I tried hard to get a good shot of them (no easy task!) and I finally got one. This one was a miss, but still very cute!
And here they are: tooth one and tooth two! So cute! How are these babies growing up so fast!?
"Pretzels" is such a cutie and has grown up so much in the last month! She is getting prettier and prettier! And has such a funny little personality! I just love her to pieces! Uncle Cole blew on her belly and she loved it! She laughed and laughed! Very cute! She has a very contageous laugh. Cole and I were talking about it just this morning!

Lyla (5 months)

I had to do a post for each of the girls individually because I had some great shots to share. I think Lyla could win the photo contest on her own with this picture (but the ones together are too perfect!) She was so fascinated with the grass and stayed out there way after the other two babies went inside. When we picked her up afterwards we realized why she was so content... there was a big wet spot under Lyla's area of the blanket!
We just sat and took pictures of her and she paid no attention to us, just the grass. After about a hundred pictures taken by her daddy and me she even started laughing while she played with the grass! It was adorable! She REALLY enjoyed the whole experience!
And I had to add this picture just because Lyla's face made me laugh out loud again. This is not Savannah's best picture, but it is pretty funny!

My Beautiful Twin Nieces

I have the most adorable nieces (all 3 of them!). This weekend we went to Greenville for Abbey's wedding and we got to spend some time with Joelle, David, and their girls on Sunday. Here are some adorable pictures for you all. I love Lyla's face in this one- it makes me laugh every time I look at it. And I love how Pressley has her pacie in even while bathing! We took the girls outside for some "nakey" grass pictures. Savannah was exhausted and did not last long, but the twins got some beautiful shots! Joelle even entered them in a photo contest for babies discovering something for the first time. I don't think you could have planned for better pictures of babies "discovering" grass for the first time. And the best part... Pressley put her arm around Lyla and I promise we didn't pose her that way! So precious!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My New Favorite Photo

I just wanted to post this picture because I love it so much! You may be tired of seeing it (since I've included 2 different versions of it in 2 previous posts) but I think it's even better in black and white (and since I just figured out how to change it to black and white, I figured I'd share it once more!!). And here's one more that I took this morning just after bath time. Her hair gets a little crazy when it's wet and sometimes I wonder if she may end up with a few loose curls someday. I also love her little hand behind her, but I think my favorite part of the picture, is the shadow to her right of her daddy's profile looking on at her. He is crazy about his little girl and I love catching glimpses of it on film! And one more of her big blue eyes :)

Flexible Baby

Savi has a new look. We are beginning to get used to seeing a foot in her mouth at all times. As long as she's in a position where it's possible, she'll have some part of a foot up to her face- usually it's the heel of her foot in her mouth, which looks extremely impressive to her parents! Just another way she's just like her daddy... is always putting her foot in her mouth!